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A K-pop Idol 70.1 by Melissa822 A K-pop Idol 70.1 by Melissa822
Another important K-Pop tradition, as Alex learned during his stay in Korea, was the presentations of girl groups on military bases. It was a great honor to be invited to perform on such places, and being one of the military's favorite groups was also significant for the image of a group.

For this reason, most of the Sweet Dolls’ members got very happy when informed by their manager that they would perform at a military base in Seoul. Alex, however, was a little apprehensive at hearing this. He knew that in such a place the audience would be exclusively made up of men, and those guys would certainly be very excited to see a group of beautiful girls after so long away from women due to the military service. In South Korea, military service was mandatory for all men, lasting between two and three years. Not even idols from boy groups could escape this obligation. 

Even after everything he had already experienced since his life as Kim Hana had begun, Alex could still get very nervous about male attention, especially in a situation like that, where his feminine condition was so evident and he felt vulnerable. 

Well, you didn't bother about your female condition last week when you were in Byun Sehun's apartment, said a voice in his mind, reminding him of what had happened, and that voice was right, as Alex knew very well. 

Since that night, Alex had been trying to avoid thinking about that. He needed some time until he felt ready for the final decision. He knew that living as Kim Hana definitely was now a real possibility to be considered. He couldn’t deny that he enjoyed that life – not anymore, when it was so evident. But he needed to be sure that it was what he really wanted and that he wouldn't regret this decision later. 

This was clear that he was in love with Byun Sehun, and perhaps because of this he wasn’t thinking straight. He needed to stay alone for some time. Fortunately, both of them were terribly busy those days, so they weren't having time to meet. Alex's only constant reminder of his boyfriend was the promise ring in his right hand, and at several moments he could spend a long time looking at it with a dreamy look. Oh, is that true? Do I want to be Kim Hana, a Korean girl, forever? He always wondered.



For our K-Pop MV of the day, the new one of Laboum. Soo nice!! I really like this group! :)

Laboum - Hwi Hwi

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SFC78767 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
Love the pink skirt
Melissa822 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017   Writer
Thanks!! I like it too!! So girly! :happybounce: 
SFC78767 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
Ha ha thats how we like our boys
Devil621 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Decisions, decisions, will he go under and come out a girl.
Melissa822 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017   Writer
ah! Let's see... ;) (Wink) 
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